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Reassignment Information

Student Reassignments           


The 2010-2011 Reassignment Window is now closed.  Applications for reassignment are only accepted during the May 1st – June 15th application window.  Reassignment applications for the 2011-2012 school year will be available beginning on May 1 2011.


Reassignment Questions & Answers

What is a reassignment? 

  • In the Broward County Public School System students must attend the school assigned to the residence of the parent/guardian. A reassignment is a request to attend a school other than the boundary school assigned to the address of the parent/guardian.

Are reassignments granted to all schools? 

  • No the District only allows reassignments to schools that have seats available.

What type of reassignment requests will be considered for approval? 

  • Completion of the School Year. 

Reassignment of a student may be requested if the parent/guardian changes their legal residence after the start of the second semester for the current school year. The reassignment will allow the student to complete the school year at the starting school. 

  • Completion of the Final Year at Student’s Current School. 

Reassignment of a student may be requested when the parent/guardian changes their legal residence which would place the student in a different attendance area. The student will be eligible to complete the highest grade in the school that he/she has been attending. 12thgrade students affected by a School Board approved boundary change will be given the privilege to complete their final year at their current school with transportation provided. Students entering Grade 5 (Grade 6 for elementary schools with sixth grade) and Grade 8 will go through the reassignment process as space permits; without transportation.

  • Full-time School Board Employment 

A Full-time school board employee may apply for a reassignment to any school within a 5 mile radius of their work location.   If granted, the reassignment is valid for the time frame approved by the reassignment.  If the employment status changes, the reassignment is still honored through the reassignment date.

  • Health (Medical/Emotional) Needs. 

All medical and emotional reassignments require additional documentation which can be found on the NCLB & Reassignments departmental website accessible fromwww.browardschools.com/departments.  Reasons based on mental health must be certified by a state board psychologist or social worker.


When would a hardship request be considered? 

  • Within the identified time-line for all reassignments that have been denied.

When can I apply for a reassignment? 

  • The reassignment window opens May 1st and closes June 15th for each school year. This will be the only time that a parent/guardian can request a reassignment for the next school year. There is no 2nd Semester Reassignment Window. 

How long does a reassignment last? 

  • Typically a reassignment is valid throughout the remaining grades of the requested school. However this may vary depending on the specific case. The duration of every approved reassignment is noted in the approval letter. 

What is the procedure for applying for a reassignment? 

  • Student Reassignment Applications are available at any Broward County Public School or can be accessed online (during the reassignment window) at  www.browardschools.com; Look under "Additional information" on the right side of the page then click on the "Available Schools for Reassignment" link. If this link is unavailable, you may click on “Departments” >> "NCLB & Reassignments" >> "Forms" to access a printable version of the application

* The duration of an approved reassignment will be stated in the approval letter. A reassignment approval does not guarantee eligibility for athletics, childcare or other extracurricular activities at the receiving school.

How are parents/guardians notified of the results of their application? 

  • Parents/guardians will receive a notification letter via U.S. mail. 

Is there an appeal process? 

  • Yes. If the reassignment request is denied to a school with available seating, the parent/guardian will receive a denial letter explaining how to appeal the decision. 

Do we accept students from other counties? 

  • Due to the class size amendment, out of county reassignments are reviewed on a case by case basis among the Superintendent’s Hardship Committee.
  • Parents/Guardians residing in Broward County who wish to request a reassignment to another county should submit a reassignment application to the Innovative Programs Office; we will in turn forward the request to Dade or Palm Beach County for review.

Is a reassignment nullified if the family moves after the reassignment is granted? 

  • No. A reassignment is not granted based on the area in which the family resides. If a family relocates after a reassignment has been approved the student will be allowed to remain in the approved school. The student will also have the option to enroll in his/her boundary school.

I currently have a pending reassignment request; is it okay to leave my child out of school until my reassignment is complete?

  • No. All students must be enrolled and attending their boundary school until the reassignment process has been completed.

Is transportation available for reassigned students? 

  • School transportation for reassigned students is NOT provided by the School Board of Broward County. 
  • Parents can request a seat on the school bus through the ‘Empty Seat’ Policy by speaking with the transportation liaison at the requested school. However, a seat is not guaranteed 

How can I find out what schools have vacant seats? 

  • Parents/guardians may contact the Innovative Programs Office, at 754-321-2380 or visit our website at www.browardschools.com during the reassignment window.

What would cause an approved reassignment to be rescinded? 

The principal of the receiving school may request that a reassignment be rescinded by the Area Superintendent for any of the following reasons:

·               Violation of the Student Code of Conduct Handbook

·               Truancy issues

·               Behavioral issues

·               Poor academic achievement

·               Excessive absences/ tardiness

* Please be aware that a student on a reassignment is considered a “guest” at the requested school. It is expected that both the student and parent/guardian abide by all policies and regulations.

Can I request a reassignment during the second semester? 

  • No. There is only one reassignment window. Reassignment applications will only be accepted from May 1 through June 15th. 

Can my child request a reassignment to the Nova Schools? 

  • The Innovative Programs Office does not grant reassignments to the Nova Schools. Parents may apply to the Nova Schools from December 1st to February 16th each year. A random selection process is conducted during the month of March and approval letters are mailed out to those students selected through that process. 

I would like to reassign my child to a Magnet school, what should I do? 

If I already have a child attending the requested school will my reassignment be automatically granted? 

  • No, a student is not automatically approved to attend a school where their sibling has been reassigned. All students must complete the reassignment process in order to be considered for a seat at the requested school.

Will I be able to enroll my child at the reassigned school without my approval letter? 

  • No. The parent/guardian must present the approval letter to the requested school when registering their child.

My child is not currently enrolled in a Broward County Public School; am I eligible to request a reassignment? 

  • Yes, all Broward County residents can request a reassignment. However, the requesting student must be pre-registered in the Broward County Public School System prior to submitting the application. The pre-registration process must be completed at the boundary school before submitting the reassignment application.

I am new to Broward County, but I wish to request another school for my child (other than the boundary school) Will I receive reassignment information in the school’s orientation package? 

  • No. A reassignment application is not included in the orientation packet from the school. If you wish to obtain a reassignment application, the school staff will provide you with a form or you may obtain one online at www.browardschools.com or the Innovative Programs Office at 600 SE 3rdAve, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.  

Where can I get additional information? 

  • Additional information may be obtained by going to www.browardschools.com/departments and clicking on the NCLB & Reassignments Department link. Parents/Guardians may also contact the Innovative Programs Office at (754) 321-2380. Office hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday (summer hours may vary). 

Important Reassignment Information

  • Student reassignment applications must be submitted between May 1st and June 15th for the following school year.
  • A student's attendance area is assigned based on the address of their parent/guardian. School boundaries are established annually and approved by the School Board in accordance with Florida Statutes and School Board Policy 5000. After the first day of school students must be enrolled in and attending their assigned Broward County Public School in order to be considered for reassignment.
  • All students must have a Broward County Public School Identification Number in order to apply for a reassignment.  If your child is not currently enrolled in a Broward County Public School please go to your child’s boundary school to secure a Student Identification Number. This must be done prior to completing an application.
  • As with all approved reassignments, transportation will be the responsibility of the requesting parent/guardian should the reassignment request be approved.
  • Full-time Broward County School Board employees may request a reassignment for their children to attend any Broward County Public School within a 5 mile radius of their employment location, with the exception of Charter Schools, Nova Schools, Vocational/Technical Schools and certain Magnet Schools. Employment and mileage verification will be conducted for all School Board Employee requests.
  • For medical and psychological related requests documentation from a physician and/or psychiatrist/therapist is required. All required documentation must be submitted with the application. Once all medical documentation has been received by the Innovative Programs Office an additional 2-3 weeks processing time is necessary for completion.
  • If your child is eligible for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services, there are several ESE services that may not be available at the requested school. If your child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) cannot be provided at the requested school, then your child will not be able to attend the school.
  • An approved reassignment request is valid for the time specified on the approval letter. However, the Principal of the requested school has the authority to rescind an approved reassignment for poor attendance, excessive tardiness or inappropriate behavior; in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct guidelines.
  • After the first day of the second semester, students who have relocated outside of their current school’s boundary will be given the opportunity complete the second semester in the school that he/she has been attending. A completed reassignment form must be submitted to the Innovative Programs Office with proper documentation of the move. However, the student must apply during the reassignment window, May 1st – June 15th, for eligibility to continue at that school the remaining grades at that school.
  • Athletics: A student is eligible to participate in athletics in the school in which he/she first enrolls each school year or makes himself/herself a candidate for an athletic team by engaging in practice prior to enrolling in any school. The student is eligible at that school as long as he/she remains enrolled at that school. Students who receive reassignments should discuss their athletic eligibility with the principal or athletic director of the assigned school.
  • If the request to a school with available seats is denied the parent/guardian may appeal to the Superintendent’s Hardship Committee through a written request to the Innovative Programs Office. 600 SE 3rdAve 4thFloor. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301. Based on the hardship presented by the parent/guardian the committee will render a final decision. Appealing before the Superintendent's Hardship Committee is the final step in the reassignment process. There are no further appeals beyond this committee.

Reassignment Process/Timeline

Step 1 >Parent/Guardian must secure a student identification number from the boundary school prior to completing a reassignment application.

Step 2 >May 1st– June 15th- Parent/Guardian must submit an online or hard copy reassignment application.

·Online Accessibility: http://www.broward.k12.fl.us/nclb_reassignments/pages.asp?page=reassignments

·Mail Hard-copy To: Innovative Programs Office @ 600 SE 3rdAve 4thFloor, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Step 3 >The Innovative Programs Office will send notification regarding the status of the requested reassignment via U.S. mail. If approved, the parent/guardian must take the appropriate documentation to the school and register the student by the date specified in the notification letter.

Step 4 >If denied, the parent/guardian will have the option to appeal the decision by submitting a letter of appeal address to the Superintendent’s Hardship Committee. The appeal letter must be submitted within 10 days of the date printed on the notification letter. The Superintendent’s Hardship Committee is the final step in the reassignment process. There are no further appeals beyond this committee.

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